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Asylum Has Killededed Me Stone Dead

So hopefully I'll have the energy to post a proper Asylum 2009 con report here at some point - when my brain isn't quite so fried and I can string together a coherant sentence not comprised solely of words such as "Jensen - lovely - gorgeous - freckles - LONGER HAIR! - eyes ohmygodhiseyes - freckles - voice - Jared - HAIR - EYES - Misha - bonkers - Matt Cohen ohmygodmattcohen - ohmygodmattcohensstupidhat - Malik breakdances - Gabe has sharks in his living room - I didn't let Fred Lehne sit at my table - Richard's beard! - Amy looks like Alona - Sam looks like Sam again - Icarus!  Cockerpoo!  Icarus wallpaper on Jensen's iPhone instead of Danneel wallpaper! - FRECKLES!!!"

So yeah.  I'm calm.

In the meantime here's a pic of Jensen's assets.  (Unfortunately I was sitting at the back of the hall, so this is a shot of the screen not the actual asset!)

I trust that will tide you over until I can write a proper report...

*sigh*  Jensen's so very lovely...

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