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7 November
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Hello there! First things first, I'm a Brit, but don't let that put you off! I live in Nottingham in the UK, land of Robin Hood, Torvill and Dean and - er - lace. I work for Nottinghamshire Police in a murder incident room, which sounds really exciting but basically entails sitting at a computer for eight hours a day.

Things I'm into: Supernatural. Supernatural. And did I mention Supernatural? Jensen Ackles is surely God's greatest gift to all women (and any men who are so inclined and who could blame them?)

Musically I like what you might describe as chick rock. I prostrate myself at the feet of the Goo Goo Dolls who, had you not guessed from my screen name, are my favourite band, like, ever. I also love Lifehouse, Dishwalla, Switchfoot, Keane, Muse, Snow Patrol and many many more...

I'm not entirely sure whether I'll ever get around to writing an actual journal as LJ really rather frightens me...